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Friday, May 26, 2006

Hello Kitty Deodorization Machine

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Be honest. Does your home smell? Do your friends and family avoid visiting you? And if they ever do visit do their eyes well up in tears and collapse in violent coughing fits the minute they enter the door? No? Well then you don't need the Hello Kitty Deodoriztion Machine!

The auto-translated description:

"The lovely deodorization machine of Hello Kitty

To a life space fresh at powerful deodorization The latest technical graft polymerization method which deodorizes only a life bad smell quickly

An effect is demonstrated to deodorization of large places (up to 16 mats), such as living!

An effect is demonstrated also to formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

Large places, such as living, are deodorized (to 16 mats).

exchange standard [ of a deodorant ]: -- mode 1:about two months /, mode 2:about 1.5 months /, and mode 3: -- about one month

Power-supply system: AC/DC adaptor

[Main part size A width 300x depth 103x height of 255mm]

[The amount of these constitutions About 2kg] "

10,700 Yen

source: Hello Kitty Deodorization Machine

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