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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dah Sing Bank Hello Kitty Credit Cards

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We all have to spend money. Many of us feel that we have to spend money on Hello Kitty. Using your average ugly run of the mill credit card to make purchases is a cold, humorless exchange. Well there's an answer for that...

Hong Kong's Dah Sing Bank offers six designs of their Hello Kitty Visa cards (regular Visas up to Gold and Platinum) including the "new '70's vintage' thermo chromic" card which changes colour as it heats up. Not only that, but they also offer cheques:

and also something called a "personalized Octopus Card" (??), a "Smile Club" which offers rewards and benefits such as the Sanrio Japan Exhibition and Hello Kitty trip to Japan with Egl Tours. Those who have a successfull application on or before August 30 receive welcome gifts like HK Water Dispenser, phone or vacuum.

Americans also can apply for the Hello Kitty Platinum Plus Visa Card.

source: Hong Kong's Dah Sing Bank

Thanks to Popgadget.

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