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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hello Kitty USB & Speakers

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When I was in highschool we used to use those 3 1/2" floppies to transfer our files from school to home. Now we have all moved on to larger movable storage options like CD-ROMS but they're not always the best option because of size and fragility. USB drives are often a better choice and of course Sanrio has anticipated that we couldn't just use any plain old USB stick...

Hello Kitty USB Key (512mb)

"The Hello Kitty drive from IO Data is a 512mb USB drive. It has an integrated light that is illuminated when plugged-in. It also has an attached sliding cover, which is convenient because it's impossible to lose and it keeps the USB connector clean. Of course the highlight of this drive is the Hello Kitty logo. Five thousand pieces will be produced."


Hello Kitty USB 2.0/1.1 Flash Memory Stick (256MB)


Spectra Hello Kitty Multimedia Flat Panel Speakers

These speakers aren't nearly as cool (IMO) as these flashing speakers but they are significantly cheaper.

" -Fits almost anywhere with an ultra slim space-saving design

-Attach the lightweight portable speakers with easy-to-install instructions

-Hear great sound with the patented NXT/Slab Flat Speaker Technology

-Powerful sound components include a Polypropylene Sound Panel and Neodymium Magnets

-Metal exterior protects the interior components


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Comments on "Hello Kitty USB & Speakers"


Blogger Anthony said ... (8:11 p.m.) : 

Hello Kitty fanatic. We all have our vices.


Blogger Anthony said ... (9:48 p.m.) : 

Hello Kitty is cool!!!


Blogger Anthony said ... (9:49 p.m.) : 



Anonymous Flo & Dénia said ... (9:27 a.m.) : 

My daughter is a Hello Kitty fan too!!
She enjoyed your blog.
it's very nice indeed.
We'll come back often!


Blogger Jennifer said ... (5:35 p.m.) : 

I'm glad she enjoyed it! :D


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