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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chinese-style Kitty to appear next month

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Unfortunately no pictures that I could find.

(From Shanghai Daily)

Chinese-style Kitty to appear next month
Winny Wang
FANS of Hello Kitty can buy the first Chinese-style Kitty next month, which embodies different elements of cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, Oriental Morning Post reported today.

The new Kitty dolls is designed after seven mainland folkways: visiting the Yu Garden and selling soup dumplings, carrying a hairy crab on head, selling Beijing roasted duck, wearing clothes like "snake woman" Bai Suzhen and ancient hero Yue Fei, according to Hangzhou Kawayi Ka Tong Yi Shu Co., the designer.

Junji Sasaki, the chairman of the company said it has the approval from Sanrio Co., the manufacturer of the original Hello Kitty dolls, to design the Chinese-style doll.

They will be sold as mobile phone accessories at first, the company said.

Besides the original Hello Kitty, many cities and companies have their own version of the doll in Japan, totaling 100,000 different models. Sasaki said.

"Hello Kitty will be more popular in China after combining with local culture," he said.

The company will promote more dolls later on, like a Hello Kitty practicing shadowboxing and selling Sichuan hotpot.

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