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Monday, June 19, 2006

Hello Kitty 1/4-oz Gold Coin

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"It becomes the Kitty opera singer".

My father collects coins.. I wonder what he'd think of this?

"Hello Kitty with inventory becomes coin from traditional France, and it is a new appearance! The France national Mint Bureau is the precious coin using a character of Japan to Euro currency for the first time. If Kitty fulfills in Paris a dream ... Five beautiful designs were drawn on the theme of the dream of Paris which Kitty draws, and yearning so that a child might swell imaginative power and might look at an infinite dream. Kitty who sings the song of love gentle to to a 1/4-oz gold coin on the stage in Teatro dell'Opera is drawn."

Well that clarifies things.

Price: 52,500円

source: http://store.yahoo.co.jp/sanrio/945013.html

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