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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hello Kitty Toshiba Oven Range/Microwave

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For those of you who have been having trouble finding the old microwave, this is a new two-in-one microwave and oven range.

"The oven range of the Toshiba kitty appeared! The delicatessen of the [depa] underground it is possible and like building it warms, “[karatsu] and gourmet” function and also the lunch of [konbini] being one-touch, it can make [hotsukahoka], the “[konbini] lunch key” and so on and so on, everyday depend the [chi] [ya] [u]! Even in the kitty which is excluded bouncingly attention*

Weight sensor automatic
The sensor checks the weight of the food, being automatic, adjusts heating time.

250℃ oven
To cake and bread and foil burning* Width [gun] of cooking the ♪ which spreads

[karatsu] and gourmet function
Also the delicatessen fly which you buy, outside finishes [sakutsu] and in [atsuatsu]*

[konbini] lunch key
Difficult setting not needing! Being one-touch, the ♪ [hotsukahoka], tasty

* Extensive deodorization coating inside warehouse
* Large-sized bright liquid crystal indication

* Size
External size: Approximately width 45cm× height 28.3cm× depth 34cm
Size inside warehouse: Approximately width 28.5cm× height 15cm× depth 30.7cm

* Main material: Copperplate

* Mass: 14kg

* Output: 500W

* Electric power consumptionMicrowave oven : 950W/1300W (50Hz/60Hz)Oven : 1100W

* Cord/code: Length approximately 1.4m"

Price: 36,540 Yen

source: http://store.yahoo.co.jp/sanrio/682047.html

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