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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hello Kitty Digital Camera Xacti

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I have a Hello Kitty Digital Camera (this one actually) and while it is cheap and cute, it's not for someone who needs a decent digital camera that actually takes good pictures. I was roaming around Sanrio's Japanese Shop and found this:

Now I'm admittedly no digital camera aficionado, this looks a lot better than mine.

From the description:

* Effective picture prime 6,000,000 pixel!
* Large picture 3.0
type liquid crystal monitor

* Touch focusing function
☆36 divided multiple display function

I have to include the auto-translated engrish:

"Clearly & clear 6,000,000 pixel! While using the digital camera
"Xacti" of the kitty and looking at the selfish [batsugun] ♪ large picture, it
just touches the shutter button it loads also the touch focusing function where
focus is agreeable* As for the clean photograph, the expectation where also the
burning increasing to the friend rejoices!"

47,250 Yen

source: Sanrio Japan : Hello Kitty Digital Camera Xacti

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